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Kitchen Aids

Kitchen Aids

  • Keatlery Fork

    Keatlery Fork

    Designed to be the most attractive and functional utensils for those affected with Parkinson's and other illnesses that cause tremors to the hands
  • Kitchen Stool Kitchen Stool

    Drive Medical

    Kitchen Stool

    MSRP: $105.38
    This all-purpose, Kitchen Stool, is convenient and comfortable for everyday use. The stool features a padded seat and back for added comfort and an angled seat that makes sitting down and getting up easy. This stool also comes standard with removable arm...
  • Lifestyle Essential Eating Utensil Lifestyle Essential Eating Utensil

    Drive Medical

    Lifestyle Essential Eating Utensil

    Limited hand grasping ability, as from arthritis, can make everyday activities a challenge. Even something as simple as eating can prove difficult. That's why Drive Medical's Lifestyle Essential dining utensils are a great solution. Their ergonomic...
  • Lifestyle Handle Cup Lifestyle Handle Cup

    Drive Medical

    Lifestyle Handle Cup

    Drink hot or cold beverages with confidence with the 2-Handle Cup. The Dual handles make grasping easy while the anti-splash top and spout let you drink with confidence. Durable and strong, the cup is also dishwasher safe.
  • Liftware Electronic Stabilizing Handle

    Liftware Electronic Stabilizing Handle

    Eat with confidence Liftware's selection of stabilizing and leveling handles and attachments are designed to help people with hand tremor or limited hand and arm mobility retain dignity, confidence, and independence. Liftware is an electronic...
  • My Plate Mate

    My Plate Mate

    Prevents food from being pushed off the plate.  Concave wall assists in guiding food onto the utensil.  The plate mate secures to the plate with an internal groove.  Large size fits plate with a diameter of 9" - 11" (22.86 - 27.94 cm)...
  • Terry Bib with Liner Terry Bib with Liner

    Drive Medical

    Terry Bib with Liner

    MSRP: $23.80
    Eliminate the mess that comes with spills when eating or drinking with a Lifestyle Terry Bib. The durable, machine washable bib stays firmly in place with hook and loop fasteners to keep clothes clean and dry.
  • Uccello Ergonomic Design Electric Kettle and Tipper Uccello Ergonomic Design Electric Kettle and Tipper

    Uccello Kettle

    Uccello Ergonomic Design Electric Kettle and Tipper

    Pouring, made easy. Engineered with proven patented technology, the Uccello Kettle embodies practical functionality for effortless pouring, combined with the style and sophistication of an Italian modern design. The Kettle's non-weight-bearing 'tilt and...