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Personal Care

Personal Care

  • Assist-A-Tray extends in height and depth to fit most couches, chairs, or lift chairs..26" -38" Assist-a-Tray


    The Assist-A-Tray is a couch-side handle that makes it easy to stand from your favourite couch or chair. It comes with a convenient multi-use swivel tray so you can eat, surf the web, or simply keep handy items close by. And like all of our products, it...
  • Cast Protector Arm 20"

    Cast Protector Arm 20"

    Keeps casts and bandages dry while bathing or showering.  Stretch tight fit eliminates the need for pumps, straps and adhesive tapes. Reusable design folds compactly.  Latex Free
  • Day Tracker

    Never forget the day of the week again. The Day Tracker will help you keep track and stay organized on a day-by-day basis Adhesive notes temporarily tacked on its rim will alert us to special events we don’t want to miss The...
  • Doff n' Donner

    Doff n' Donner

    The Doff N' Donner is a new revolutionary way to put your compression garments on and take them off!  It uses the power of hydraulics in a very unique way that lets you just roll them on and then just roll them off again.  What makes it even...
  • Exercise Peddler with Attractive Silver Vein Finish

    Drive Medical

    Exercise Peddler with Attractive Silver Vein Finish

    MSRP: $74.73
    Get your blood pumping and your legs moving with this simple yet effective rehab device. The Exercise Peddler from  excellent low-impact exercise with adjustable tension that lets you set the ideal difficulty level for strengthening your legs or...
  • Extra Long Comb and Brush 22" (58 cm) Set

    This comb and brush set features extra long, ergonomically designed, anti-slip handles that fits snugly in the hand to stay in place when in use.   They provides maximum reach with minimum effort.  Easy-to-clean and can be fully...
  • Drive Medical

    Inflatable Vinyl Ring Cushion

    MSRP: $8.18
    Specially designed to reduce pressure on sensitive areas when sitting for extended periods, the inflatable ring cushion's unique shape offers relief of tail bone pain, hemorrhoids and post-surgery discomfort.
  • LED Medicine Bottle Magnifier

    Provides 3X magnification of labels to prevent any confusion on dosage. Fine print is illuminated and enlarged through two ultra-bright LEDs and 1 3X lens. Simply clip the magnifier to a prescription or vitamin bottle and swing the magnifying lens...
  • M-Rail Home Bed Assist Handle with Pouch

    Drive Medical

    M-Rail Home Bed Assist Handle with Pouch

    The white powder coated steel assistive bed M-Rail provides support when getting into and out of bed. It also gives added independence to someone who may need help to sit up, reposition, stand, or transfer out of bed to a mobile device like a walker or...
  • Moist-Dry Heating Pad Standard

    Moist-Dry Heating Pad Standard

    Delivers soothing moist heat to a variety of areas. Heat penetrates tissue quickly and safely. Cloth cover is machine washable. Convenient slide on/off switch with indicator light. Absorbent sponge included for moist heat application. Size: 11...
  • Molded Stocking Aid

    The Molded Stock Aids makes it possible to put on stockings without bending.  The curved cutouts on the sides hold the sock in place while it is being pulled up the leg.  The stocking aid holds the sock open and allows the user to easily pull...